The Ultimate Deal on Makeup Brushes & there Uses!

Makeup brushes are an essential tool when it comes to makeup application. Every woman should have a basic set without spending a tonne of money.
You get better, cleaner coverage, less wastage, less cakeyness, easier and even application. Be certain to regularly clean them every month or two using a makeup brush cleaning pad, you can get one here
These are the various brushes, that works best for a specific need or technique. You may consider having them in your makeup kit. So here goes: 
1. Foundation Brush
Applying makeup begins with foundation. A good brush will deposit the right amount of foundation to your skin. Because of the synthetic bristles and flat edge. Begin by dotting the product on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.Then use the brush to blend it properly thru-out the face.
2. Concealer Brush
To cover imperfections after foundation application. Use concealer to brighten any dull areas on your face. This brush should have firm, but soft bristles to use on the delicate skin under the eye. Your brush should have glossy synthetic hairs to slip along the skin. Designed to get to hard to reach areas, such as the inner corners of the eyes. 

3. Bronzer Brush
Ideally created for sweeping and pressing bronzer. Over cheeks, forehead , nose and chin. To give you a sunkissed look without scorching in the sun. It's thicker and fuller than a blush brush and has a flat profile.
4. Eyeshadow Brush
For precise application of eyeshadow. Several different types are devised to create an intricate eyeshadow look. The eyeshadow brush is formed for top of the lid application. It's wide enough to cover half the eyelid. The brush has natural, soft, rounded bristles. With beveled edges to avoid leaving harsh lines.
5. Contour Brush
Contouring when done right makes you look naturally sculpted. You do need a brush for this. A contour brush has a round flat head and natural hairs, short dense bristles. Apply a greater amount of shadows in the crease to contour the eye. These brushes can be used with cream or powder contour products.
6. Blush Brush
A good blush brush is fluffy and wide enough to cover the apple of the cheek. The bristles should be soft, natural hair with beveled and curved edges. It is imperative to use this brush to reveal a gorgous natural look. If not used properly the result can be cakey and unnatural
7. Brow Brush
This is an angled brush with stiff short bristles. Designed for applying eyeshadows,  creams, gels, to your brows easily. Nice shape and definition is achieved. Look for synthetic natural bristles. Because if they are too stiff it won't deposit the colour effectively.
8. Eyeliner Brush Angled
Everyone needs an eyeliner brush to get that exact cat eye shape. It has short dense bristles cut on an angle. Perfect to use with gel or liquid liners.You may want to sketch out where the wings will go. Using a light colour eye pencil to achieve that perfect winged eye look.
9. Flat Eyeliner Brush
This brush can be used wet or dry for precise placement of colour along the lash line. It's marginally rounded at the tip with flat dense synthetic bristles.
    10.Lip Brush
    Don't like using lip liner ? Then use this brush to line your lips easily. You can also mix up your lipstick colours,to get a third colour without staining your lipsticks. Gain definition on the crease and corner of your lips.
      11. Powder Brush
      Layer loose powder using this brush to set everything in place. It's very large and fluffy to disperse the powder over the face. Navigate around the nose and under the eyes. It can be used with both loose and pressed powder.
      Finally, take your time and build your kit so that it can help you create the makeup looks you desire, whether you are an expert or a newbie like me...
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