🍃Slow Living & Mini Breaks in Everyday Life 🌿😊

“Busyness”, seems to be the most popular 'go to' of today, that makes it difficult to move slowly,especially in this vast technological era we’re living in.

To combat this situation, an ‘informal mindfulness practice’ is essential.

This is mainly about concentrating, on purpose in the present moment. Without getting provoked by what is materializing around us.


Many of us have the hustle hard mentality, always busy sowing seeds for the next day. We tend to forget that life is in the moment, so there's no need to be rushing thru our days all the time.


Sometimes our tight deadlines, makes it difficult for us to stop and dive into a longer meditation. But this shouldn't be an excuse, as mindfulness can be incorporated into our activities, in tiny doses throughout the day.


So if you find yourself drifting thru life’s tidal waves of motions , here’s how you can start applying mindfulness in your daily life:


  1. Move Slowly - Paint Your Nails :)


    I know this seems a bit unrealistic for some of us, due to the dynamic nature of our jobs or businesses. However, you can still try to do every task more slowly, less frantically and without strain.. 


    This allows power to flow easily thru every action and of course thru the mind. All the muscles are now flexible and functioning with coordinated power. More strength is gained and your journeys will be savored. 


    On Sundays it's therapeutic to just sit down alone in my bedroom and paint my own nails. It makes me feel worthy and deserving of all things good in life, I feel like I'm important to me. Observing pretty colors and patterns at work helps to brighten my mood - not forgetting the sweet compliments ....  check out this amazing ' do it yourself' nail stencil :



    1. Observation


    Bring yourself back to the present by simple observations. To observe, is to simply notice what is happening right now and nothing more. It's a very good way to snap out of auto pilot thinking, that complicates our life experiences.


    Decisions can now be made to satisfy what we want, based on how we’re feeling.


    To practice this, find an item like a jewelry box, vase or even a pen and just look at it closely with fresh eyes. It will help ease your mind of that moment’s stress.


    I look out the window and pay close attention to the butterflies flying around the flowers, such a beautiful sight with a calming effect on my soul.


    There’s a greater appreciation for the little things around you, that goes unnoticed so many times, just by performing this simple yet effective exercise.

    1. Drawing


    You don’t have to be a perfect artist, you can sit anywhere and just draw anything that comes to mind, or something that you see along the way.


    This requires focus and a quiet mind, which we all desire to nourish. It may be a little tough at first but it’s worth your time, so give it a try. I find it best to do this for at least 15 minutes per day or less, it’s enough time to quiet my mind's chatter.

    1. Writing

    Any form of writing is perfect, it could be a journal or a blog, whatever floats your boat. Being mindful is about paying attention to the details around you, which is a skill that’s coherent with writing, they both strengthen each other. 


    When I started journal writing , I became more present in my daily life, that the writing itself, didn’t even seem like a daunting task. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of this solitude writing, some pretty good decisions were made that solved some of my problems.  🙂

    1. Chores

    We 'cringe' each time we hear, or see this word , it’s like getting stuck in traffic, wishing we were somewhere else having fun. But it doesn’t have to be this way at all. It can be transformed into a mindful ritual. So Instead of rushing to desperately finish the chores , try to focus all your awareness of the task whether it be cooking or doing laundry. 


    Take your time, notice the feel and textures of the clothes as you fold them - smell the sweet aroma that emanates. Notice how this makes you feel, in tune with the moment , enjoying your space, yourself and the environment around you.


    It’s never too selfish to take care of our mental health and well-being. Understand, that we don’t have to burn ourselves out, in order to reach the Mountain top to success. We achieve so much more, when we are relaxed and happy.


    So don't be grounded on anxieties, keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs.

    " Learn this from water: the loud splashes the brook but the ocean depths are calm” ( Buddha )

    So make time today, to unwind your days away into a more beautiful and peaceful you.



    • Thank you Brooke for taking the time to read and comment on this article. I’ve personally suffered a lot from this busyness phenomena , now my health is way better because of adopting mindfullness. Couldn’t be more thankful :)

      The Shimmering You
    • I love how you talk about slowing down to make observations even when doing mundane tasks like folding clothes. We have definitely become a society that values busyness and we should all work to change that.

      Brooke Ressell

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