Quick & Easy Ways to Keep Your Long Hair Dynamic!

Long hair has been given to us as a blessing from  Nature, there are more variety in styling than with Short Hair.It adds that divine femininity flavour to a woman’s aesthetic appeal. Men are more drawn to ladies with long flowing beautiful hair and it looks even way more sexy on a pillow … don’t you agree? … :)

But after some time we tend to get tired and bored with our long hair, especially when we have to work a lot and don’t have much time to style our hair or even go to a Hair Stylist. .


The truth is, though, that there are bountiful options when it comes to styling long hair. You just have to know when and how to mix it up a bit to keep your long hair style looking trendy, stylish and up-to-date. It might take a little practice at first, like with everything else,but in no time you will be able to quickly yield exciting new looks with a few simple tips.

 Straight long hair style


You can do a “ Side Braid “ by braiding from the front side all the way down to the end. Then add in some cute butterfly clips or any other pretty hair clips you already have, to make it look even prettier. There are some cute and unique butterfly clips available here if you’d like to get some ---------

To leave your hair healthy and shiny , a good ceramic straightening iron can help in just a few minutes.. add some heat protection serum, a shine product and a finishing spray . Apply to dry hair then run the iron through your hair from the roots to the tips using half inch sections.

The ceramic iron will infuse moisture and shine into your long hair style leaving you with healthy, shiny hair that will be the envy of everyone you meet. Finish off with a little bit of finishing spray, and you're well prepared to face your day.


Textured and curly long hair style


There’s nothing easier to do, than a high up loose bun with pieces of your curls hanging in front of your face, like bangs. You can get creative by wrapping a head band around your hair or even clip on a bow , whatever suits you.. please do lock it in with a finishing spray when you’re done, so it stays well for the entire day.

 If you’re leaving it all loose and free for the day, then all you need to do is use a little gel and scrunch your curl into place with a diffuser blow dryer. Once you do that, simply spritz your long hair style with an extra hold styling spritz.


The secret to making long hair styles look natural is in the products that you use and how you use them. Be sure to use a good quality spritz and finishing spray. Use the finishing spray to spray your long hair before and after you roll it, and use the spritz to add shine and finish your style. By applying spritz to your long hair style and gently running your fingers through the curled locks, you can achieve a natural look with a lot of shine.


Be sure to practice varying styles with your hair so that your hairstyle wont become mundane or predictable.