5 Simple but Unique Ways to Use the "Magnificent Eyeshadow"!

So, you achieved many cute smoky eye looks, but did you know there is an agent 007, lurking around in your purse? Oh yea! that's right " The incredible Eye shadow''!
One of the best multi-taskers of all time. Besides beautifying your eyes , there are other prolific ways to use the eye shadow:
1.) Eyeliner:
Use a flat eyeliner brush to apply dry shadow along the lash line to get a soft smoky appeal. Or for a "not so common" look , wet the brush with makeup setting spray. Use brighter colors for this one, apply it out for a  winged eye look.
2.) Eyebrow Enhancer:
    Don't worry about "eyebrow pencils"! look for a shade kind of darker than your eyebrow color, I use grey. Fill in your arches using a small angled brush, it looks more natural this way.
3.) Nail Polish:
    Prep loose eye shadow into a small bowl. Please ensure it's not clumpy, but powdery to facilitate smooth polishing. One spoonful of powder should be enough. Pour 25-30 drops of clear nail polish into the bowl then mix it until blended smoothly. Begin painting your nails quickly to avoid the mixture from drying out.
4.) Concealer:
Dark circles can be "disheartening" especially when you ran out of concealer or forgot to buy. Try using the lightest color under your eyes. Adjust accordingly, you would be in awe on how well this works.
5.) Blush:
Most eye shadows are highly pigmented. So be gentle with this. Use a fluffy brush to ensure you don't apply too much. Tap your brush to remove excess product then apply to your cheeks.
I'm certain there are other varying ways to use eye shadow that wasn't mentioned above. Let me know how you use yours ? would love to know.

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